Day 1

I started with the intention of following the Everyman schedule. I got a full night’s sleep (more or less) and started with my naps. I decided to switch to the Uberman schedule which sounds like a lot more fun. Also, it supposedly takes less time to adjust to since you’re making a more abrupt change. I will take 20 min naps every 4 hours at 12AM, 4AM, 8AM, 12PM, 4PM, 8PM.


Full night sleep: 2AM-9:30AM

Nap 1: 11AM. I think I fell asleep for a little bit during this period, but it was most likely light sleep and not REM.

Nap 2: 4PM. Went to a comfy library chair. Definitely didn’t fall asleep here, but it was relaxing.

Nap 3: 8PM. This didn’t work out so great. I was a little restless from eating about an hour before. I also ending up having to go to the bathroom midway which was a big interruption. Lesson learned: eat shortly after napping, not before.

Nap 4: 12AM. I could feel myself drifting to sleep, but didn’t really get there. I was hoping that I would as I had been feeling quite drowsy starting around 11PM. Sounds of people talking around me also didn’t help. I’ll try and find a quieter place in the future.

I think for posts I will count midnight to midnight a day, with Nap 1 being 4AM and Nap 6 being 12AM. Comments about the day will start after the 12AM nap. Since I originally started with the intention or doing Everyman, I only have 4 naps for today, but I did get the full sleep the previous night. I think the hardest day will be tomorrow after going over 24 hours without a normal monophasic period of sleep.


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